Bodyweight Workout Equipment : The Essentials

Looking to get some bodyweight workout equipment? In this article I’m going to talk about the most essential pieces of equipment you can use to make your body weight workouts more effective.

The Most Important Piece Of Equipment That You Never Considered

I’m going to share with you the best way to improve your body weight workouts, and it’s a million times more effective than purchasing a new training toy.

Don’t get me wrong, equipment is very important when it comes to making a complete, effective, body weight workout, but what I’m about to share with you is even more important.

After I share this little secret with you then we can look into the essential equipment.

Your Body Is Your Barbell

bodyweight workout equipmentMore important then equipment, is knowing about all the different body weight exercises there are, and trust me when I say that you have no clue how many there are and how many different variations exist.

This book “your body is your barbell” goes through all the top bodyweight exercises, and how they can be used in a program to help you reach your goals.

Honestly, there are so many innovative and effective exercises for all body parts that you won’t really need to think much about equipment.

I actually prefer it this way, it means I can have a great workout no matter where I am, all I need is the knowledge of the exercises and how to perform them.

I highly recommend that you pick up this book, even though it is not officially “bodyweight workout equipment”, it will do more for your workouts than anything else you can buy. Click here to get it on

Now that we have the most important bit covered, let’s take a look at some of the must haves for your body weight workouts.

Bodyweight Workout Equipment Essential 1: Pull Up Bar

Body weight training is relatively straightforward for most body parts:

  • For the legs, you have squats, lunges, sprints etc
  • For chest shoulders and triceps you have push up/dip variations.

As you can see you can exercise these areas completely, without any equipment at all.

However, for the back and bicep muscles, you must have some equipment available if you wish to train them effectively.

And one of the most tried and tested ways to do this is using…. The pull up bar.

Pull ups are one of the kings of back exercise, and they should be in everyone’s training program.

As long as you have a pull up bar you will be able to train a large portion of your upper body that you wouldn’t be able to train with anything else.

Not only that but with a few additions, a pull up bar can turn into a place where you exercise multiple body parts and not just your back (more on this in the next section).

Recently some fantastic products have been released on the market that make implementing a pull up bar at home really easy.

bodyweight workout equipmentThe Image on the right shows a pull up bar that can be instantly attached and detached to your door frame, without using any permanent fixings such as screws. It’s a cheap, simple, noninvasive way to get a pull up bar into your home.

Its currently going for $17.99 on Click here to check it out. 

Bodyweight Workout Equipment Essential 2 : Rings

bodyweight workout equipment

One amazing thing that you can do once you have a pull up bar, is to add rings to the set up.

Some people get confused when I advise them to buy these gymnastic rings, they say that they are not gymnasts and they won’t be doing any gymnastics.

Yes, the rings are for gymnastics, but they can be used for a whole variety of body weight exercises.

Gyms across the world are now implementing pieces of equipment just like these, they are called suspension trainers, and they are pretty much exactly the same as gymnast rings (just handles suspended in the air).

Gymnast rings are a great addition to a body weight workout set up, and if you have a pull up bar, this will be the next step to making a selection of equipment that will help you train the whole body, using just your body weight, in new an innovative ways.

Here is a video on some of the different exercises you can do with gymnast rings or a suspension trainer. 

You can also click here to check out these rings on amazon, which are currently going for $25.

Bodyweight Workout Equipment Essential 3 :Resistance Bands

The last bodyweight workout equipment essential that I recommend is… The resistance band.

Resistance bands are great items to add to your workout, and their greatest benefits actually come when you use them in addition to some of the other products I’ve listed.

The best example is;  how a resistance band can help with transitioning from not being able to perform pull ups, to being able to perform them without any assistance.

bodyweight workout equipmentAs shown in the picture on the right, a resistance band can be wrapped around a pull up bar, and wrapped around the bottom of your foot.

A resistance band is essentially a large elastic band, when it’s stretched it will resist and try to pull itself back to its original shape.

So in this situation the resistance band will be stretched and as a result  it will assist you in trying to pull yourself up. Giving you just enough assistance you need to complete the pull up.

Another great thing about resistance bands is that you can buy them in a number of sizes and strengths, so that you can start with a high strength band, and as you become better at pull ups you can slowly decrease the resistance band strength and transition into completely non assisted pull ups.

Resistance band can be used in exactly the same way to assist with the dip, click this video to take a look.

As well as assisting in exercises, resistance bands can also be used to make exercises more difficult by just changing the way you position them in the exercise.

bodyweight workout equipment

For example:

When doing the push up, you can wrap the resistance band around your back on hold it in your hands, as a result it will stretch and become tighter as you push up, making the exercise more difficult (see picture on the left).

This same technique can be applied to loads of exercises to make them harder, including squats, dips, shoulder presses, lunges and many more.

Hopefully, you can see the benefits that resistance bands can bring to your workouts. For anyone looking to get assistance on key exercises such as pull ups/dips, or make exercise harder like push ups, squats and lunges, resistance bands should be an integral part of your bodyweight workout equipment.

If you’re interested in purchasing them, or learning more about them, you can buy here from

Bodyweight Workouts To Try

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